12 Month Membership (Basic)

12 Month Membership (Basic)

A Workers First twelve (12) month membership entitles members to free assistance with workplace matters, up to five (5) hours per calendar year.


Get access to Australia's best and most reliable Workplace and Human Rights Advocates in the 1800ADVOCATES network.


Chief amongst the Workplace and Human Rights Adovcates is Brian AJ Newman LLB the founder of Workers First and the Principal Workplace and Huamn Rights Advocate for the entire 1800ADVOCATES network.


From unfair dismissal, disciplinary investigations, show cause responses and discrimination, there is nothing Brian and the 1800ADVOCATES network cannot handle.


Join something with real teeth today and stop wasting money of pseudo political bodies who go mmissing when you need them most.


Become a Workers First Union Member today.


  • Become a Workers First Union Member Today

    Not like any typical union, the Workers First Union is for everyone in every industry.

    Long gone are the days of trade union monopoloies.

    Professional advocacy firms like Workers First - Workplace and Human Rights Advocacy have organised workers in union to take forward common goals liek safer and fairer workplaces.

    There is no worker in Australia a Workers First Union Membership can't benfit in some way.

    Join the Workers First Union today and belong to something with real meaning and no politics.



(1800 238 622)

24/7 TEXT FOR URGENT ENQUIRIES: 0411 639 262


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