Making an Unfair Dismissal Claim
Fair Work Commission

An applicant must lodge an unfair dismissal application using Form 2 with the prescribed filing fee (currently $71.90). Applications can be lodged in person at a Fair Work Commission office, by post, facsimile, email, electronic lodgment through the Fair Work Commission by telephone.

This application should be constructed in a manner that allows the Fair Work Commission to make an efficient assessment on the prospect of the case so as to ensure some degree confidence that the matter will be accepted and progress through the process of addressing the application for an equitable remedy for having been unfairly dismissed.

The most efficient way for you to ensure this is the case, is to brief Workers First Workplace Advocates on the matter and, that starts with you completing the information below so that we can undertake the initial assessment on your prospects for a successful unfair dismissal application to the Fair Work Commission.

If you would like to discuss your situation, you are welcome to call our office direct on 07 3807 3807 or email

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