Discipline Investigation and Actions

Workers First Industrial Advocates are well experienced in guiding clients through disciplinary matters and achieving the best outcomes for our clients.

The last thing you want to here from a traditional representative in your workplace is "we'll just send you a template and you can fill in the blanks" or "if you get sacked after you write your response, we'll get you a free appointment with a solicitor".

These are the words of a modern union, they are not the words of the union movement our forefathers built with their own blood sweat and tears.

The sad reality of the modern union model is that it is seemingly broken beyond repair and if it was not for that fact, organisations like Workers First would happily not exist.

Fortunately for Australian workers of today though, Workers First is rapidly emerging as a real alternative to union membership and we pride ourselves on providing meaningful, effective and efficient representation for workers in need.

Free from the perils of improper influence such as political gamesmanship, Workers First is only concerned with representing your personal interests in matters concerning your employment, social and welfare needs.

Who you choose to vote for on election day should not have an impact on the level of service you receive or the commitment from your chosen representative assisting you to secure a desirable outcome.

Time is always a pressing factor in disciplinary matters and although it will always be an unpleasant and at times stressful experience to go through.

Workers First can assist you in preparing the necessary and well considered responses required.

Do not delay in getting in touch with a Workers First. email gethelp@workersfirst.com.au immediately to ensure you're meeting your time frames and obligations.

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