Australian Prison Officers Association 

The Australian Prison Officers Association (APOA) has gone from strength to strength over the past six (6) months with continuing growth in the broader sector, including Youth Detention.

Queensland and Victoria remain the front runners in the rates race and with so many industrial issues surrounding the workplace health and safety of Prison Officers throughout Australia becoming more frequently to the attention of the very communities Prison Officers protect through the efficient execution of their duties, the ageless campaign for safer prisons within Australia is becoming increasingly more real in terms of our collective ability to effect change and herald a new age for the human containment of offenders in Australian Prisons.

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Unfair Dismissal Appeals

Workers First are the market leader for assisting workers throughout Australia for unfair dismissal appeals in the Fair Work Commission and the various State and Territory Industrial Commissions and Tribunals.

Workers First offers representation on unfair dismissal appeals on terms that are both affordable and effective, assisting workers with a meaningful representation with an express purpose of bringing closure to the dispute on fair and reasonable terms.

In the first instance, Workers First offers a FREE consultation on unfair dismissal appeal matters and will provide you with an immediate assessment on the merit of the case to be initiated.

There is a strict twenty-one (21) day limit on the application and the appeal must be made within that period which commences from the effective date of dismissal.

Workers First offer three (3) options for engagement of our services as upfront payment of fixed fees, part payment upfront of fixed fees with regular direct debits or in some cases, we may extend an offer of a no-win no-fee option.

To make an appointment please call our office on (07) 3807 3807 or