You may have up to six (6) years to claim for unpaid wages an, allowances and superannuation. 

In some cases we will agree to take on the dipute on a no win no fee basis or allow our professional advocacy fees to be paid off or deferred until a mutually agreed time.



If your employment contract has been terminated and you believe it may have been unfair, you have twenty-one (21) days to appeal the decision and seek a remedy in most cases. Call us today for an assessment of your situation and get an idea of what you might expect from an unfair dismissal complaint in the Fair Work Commission or another State or Territory Industrial Relations Commission or Tribunal.



Discrimination in the workplace and in other areas of your life are confronting and often beyond the reckoning of reasonably minded people. We are professional workplace and human rights advocates and we are always prepared to hear your story and help you where we can.


When I was referred by one of the major law firms to Workers First, I had been told by my union that I had no case. Turned out I had a good case after talking to Workers First and in the end, the settlement I received has enabled my family and me to move on and, I feel like I have stood up for my rights and it would not have been possible without Workers First on my side.

Workers First client

The Process



Call us for a FREE consultation and, if possible, email any relevant 

documents to gethelp@workersfirst.com.au 



Workers First Workplace and Human Rights Advocates will assess your case and give you an opinion on prospects, merit, and costs for our professional fees. We may offer you a no win no fee agreement for unfair dismissal, unpaid wages or discrimination-related complaints in the various Fair Work and Industrial Commissions and Tribunals or the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commissions.



Once all client agreements are settled between you and us, we then commence work on progressing your complaint in the Fair Work Commission or Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission or as the case me be for you.



Approximately 80 to 90% of complaints advocated by Workers First Workplace and Human Rights Advocates are settled at conciliation conferences in the various Fair Work Commissions and Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commissions and other related Tribunals. Call us for more information.



Getting the right advice and advocacy early is often the most important step for workers and citizens looking for a remedy to their complaint, no matter which jurisdiction you may need help in.

Workers First take great pride in assisting workers and citizens to resolve their complaints and advocate on their behalf in the various Fair Work Commission matters, such as unfair dismissal, general protections complaints, unpaid wages, and superannuations matters.

Additionally, our advocacy skills will often lead to more efficient outcomes in the various State and Territory Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commissions and Tribunals. 

Get advice on the issue that might be causing you concern today.