No-win, no-fee

When a worker goes through the termination their employment contract, it can often come at a time when termination of their employment is the result of an undeserving action by their employer against the interests of the worker, more conveniently referred to as an 'general protection complaint'.

Moreover, the general protection complaint will often include an element of unfair dismissal and likewise will often come at a time when the worker can least afford to engage representation in the Fair Work Commission or the relevant State Industrial Relations Commission or Tribunal and until now, workers have been forced to consider the options available to them through law firms offering no-win no-fee general protection complaint agreements and over-stretched and under-resourced pro-bono community legal centres.

Workers First is the only Industrial Advocacy firm in Queensland that offers a no-win no-fee general protection complaint agreement to workers who may not be able to afford up-front professional fees.

Time limit
There is a strict twenty-one (21) day time limitation to lodge an general protections complaint, however, like unfair dismissal appeals there is a provision to allow an extension for exceptional circumstances, there is little prospect of complaints being accepted if they are lodged outside of this time limitation for unfair dismissal, however the prospects for obtaining an extension to have a complaint dealt with regarding general protections tends to be slightly more accomodating.

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